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 Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>


+SWT Build 2.1 018 - Tuesday November 26, 2002



+<a NAME="Problem reports fixed"></a>Problem reports fixed</h2>


+15031: Font parsing failed  

+<br>17237: Progress monitor flickers  

+<br>18172: Sig11 from GTK  

+<br>19530: Saving locks resizing in second perspective  

+<br>19735: No space between longest item in menu and accel keys  

+<br>20953: StyledText - tilde problem with french keyboard (2000,NT,XP) on R2.0

+<br>21626: TableItem.getImageBounds fails on Motif (Emulated Widget)  

+<br>24872: Splash screen does not show at startup  

+<br>24969: JP GP: showing Java-Editor pref. page with editor open  

+<br>25053: Cannot use the pull down menu in GTK  

+<br>25335: Scrollbars too small on variable selection dialog  

+<br>25653: DCR: StyledText do not activate the default button  

+<br>26179: Can't select items in a checkbox tree without toggling checked state

+<br>26353: Infopop broken on solaris  

+<br>26362: StyledText - investigate necessary state changes between handleTextChanging and handleTextChanged

+<br>26733: Eclipse crashes when GTK theme is changed  

+<br>26804: Gtk Label widget has focus decoration drawn too big  

+<br>26935: Exception in StyledText with WRAP flag.  

+<br>26997: StyledTextRenderer: creates too many Strings  

+<br>27016: Default "Open" action not working in Navigator tree view




+Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>


 SWT Build 2.1 017 - Tuesday November 19, 2002