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<title>SWT - Java Syntax Viewer Example</title>
<h2>SWT standalone example - Java Syntax Viewer</h2>
This example shows how to implement a user-defined line styler for the StyledText widget.
The example provides a typical editor interface.
To see the effect of the line styler, open a *.java file, and
when the contents of the file are displayed in the editor area, notice that the keywords have been highlighted.
<h3>Running the example</h3>
Follow the <a href="swt_manual_setup.html">SWT standalone examples setup</a>
instructions to install and run the example from your workspace.
The "Main" class is <code>org.eclipse.swt.examples.javaviewer.JavaViewer</code>.
This example can also be run using the <a href="../../org.eclipse.swt.examples.launcher/doc-html/swt_launcher_ex.html">Example Launcher</a>.
Select the <strong>Java Syntax Viewer</strong> item from the <strong>Standalone</strong> category and click <strong>Run</strong>.
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