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<title>SWT - OLE Web Browser</title>
<h2>SWT example - OLE Web Browser</h2>
This example shows how to embed an Active X control into an SWT application or an Eclipse view.
When the view is opened, it will create an instance of the Windows Internet Explorer
control. The OLE web browser has
<strong>Back</strong> and <strong>Forward</strong> buttons to take you to recently visited pages. The browser also contains
a <strong>Home</strong> button to take you to the web browser's home page, a <strong>Stop</strong> button which stops the
current transfer, a <strong>Search</strong> button which will search for text typed in the <strong>Address</strong> text field, and
a <strong>Refresh</strong> button which re-draws the contents of the currently displayed page. There is also a
<strong>Go</strong> button which, when clicked, will attempt to load the page specified in the <strong>Address</strong> field.
<h3>Running the example</h3>
From Eclipse's <strong>Window</strong> menu select <strong>Show View</strong> &gt; <strong>Other</strong>.
In the <strong>Show View</strong> dialog, expand <strong>SWT Examples</strong> and select
the view named <strong>OLE Web Browser (win32)</strong>. A view containing a web browser will appear.
This example can also be run using the <a href="../../org.eclipse.swt.examples.launcher/doc-html/swt_launcher_ex.html">Example Launcher</a>.
Select the <strong>OLE Web Browser</strong> item from the <strong>Win32 only</strong> category and click <strong>Run</strong>.