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Place here all snippets that correspond to specific bugs. Naming format is Eclipse Bugzilla number + name, if applicable.
For example:
Non-bug specific snippets:
Please make snippets as clear as possible. At the very least, include a comment above the class definition
that explains how the snippet works, what it does, and what the expected result is. For example:
* Title: Bug 166720 - [TableEditor] flickers quite a bit when scrolling - Linux GTK
* How to run: launch snippet and scroll TableEditor.
* Bug description: TableEditor flickers when scrolling.
* Expected results: TableEditor should scroll smoothly.
* GTK version(s): GTK2.x
Alternatively: code instructions into the snippet itself, so that users can simply run the snippet
and visually look at the instructions.
These snippets can also be used as references in code. For example "// See Gtk test"