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 Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>


+SWT Build 2.1 002 - Tuesday July 30, 2002



+<a NAME="Problem reports fixed"></a>Problem reports fixed</h2>


+4578: Ctrl+J & Ctrl+Enter have the same key code (1G54RJJ)  

+<br>4816: TabItem displays & (1GJL704)  

+<br>6888: Combo sends ModifyEvent on setItems  

+<br>9025: OLE, StyledText widget and WinCE  

+<br>19632: Tracker should adjust cursor on mouse not down, not on MENU  

+<br>19985: StyledText - Bulleting proofing RTF copy function  

+<br>20691: StyledText - bidi - Win2K/XP support  

+<br>20746: Inconsistent @param in Javadoc for  TableItem.setGrayed(boolean)

+<br>21313: Combo.getItem wrong error thrown  

+<br>21423: GTK: GPF in Shell.setVisible()  

+<br>21500: GTK: SWT.Activate and SWT.Deactivate events not fired when Shell with NO_TRIM used as its style bit

+<br>21526: Shell.computeTrim does not include menu bar  

+<br>21563: Mnemonics give focus to the label on GTK  

+<br>21564: GTK: Text of Button(with style bit SWT.CHECK) does not show up correctly

+<br>21573: TableTreeItem should have get/setGrayed() methods like TableItem

+<br>21601: getLineCount() method for Text widget does not work on Motif  

+<br>21623: List.setSelection (int start, int end) fails on Motif  

+<br>21653: WinCE/SH4: Arrow keys don't generate key events  

+<br>21702: Debug Display view error msg to console on GTK  

+<br>21706: BidiUtil in win32 has Class.forName() usage  

+<br>21805: event.character = 0 for all Ctrl-<alpha> on QNX 6.2  

+<br>21937: COMObject leakage on OleControlSite  

+<br>21958: ControlExample FileDialog does not filter correctly  

+<br>21964: GTK: Adding an item to Combo changes the selection index  

+<br>21967: GTK: Setting selection index to -1 for a Combo throws an exception

+<br>21969: List.getSelectionIndex bug  

+<br>21976: GTK: Combo.getSelectionIndex() changes when an item is removed




+Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>


 SWT Build 2.1 001 - Tuesday July 23, 2002