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 Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>


+SWT Build 2.1 008 - Tuesday September 17, 2002



+<a NAME="Problem reports fixed"></a>Problem reports fixed</h2>


+4637: TreeEditor example does not show how to use double click (1GCP6OH)

+<br>4656: Pop-up menu not showing for Composite (1GENYM0)  

+<br>4710: Remaining Javadoc problems (1GF088W)  

+<br>4730: Support for lesstif on Linux  

+<br>4733: Issues with Win32 GDI setBkMode(), and similar things in Motif (1GFPGK3)

+<br>4796: DCR: keyboard support for move/resize (accessibility issue)  

+<br>5900: CheckboxTableViewer does disable correctly  

+<br>10532: DCR: Table.setSelection(int, int) -- order matters  

+<br>12048: NPE exiting workspace  

+<br>16700: Coolbar tab order is backwards  

+<br>17494: Veronika needs to check her javadoc  

+<br>19256: SIP event  

+<br>19736: Tooltips for long entries in code assist pop behind code assist

+<br>21126: Print Dialog Is Not Modal, Resulting in Unpredictable Workbench Behavior

+<br>21620: FontData.setLocale() crashes workbench  

+<br>22189: Win32 GDI Resource Leak in WrappedContent.java  

+<br>22210: Photon:Removing item from Combo does not remove the text(BBAWT)

+<br>22364: Incorrect height of widget in TextViewer  

+<br>22490: Background color of Graphical Editors is always black.  

+<br>22534: No way to turn border off for linux text widget  

+<br>22564: Cannot draw transparent PNG files properly  

+<br>22577: List.setSelection(String[]) infinite loop  

+<br>22839: When swt window in focus palettes of other windows hosed, and vise versa

+<br>22862: StyledText - Tab does not tab out of non-editable  

+<br>22926: Clipboard copy/paste is cut/paste on Windows 98  




+Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>


 SWT Build 2.1 007 - Tuesday September 10, 2002