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 Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
+SWT Build 3.0 006 - Tuesday May 27, 2003
+<a NAME="Problem reports fixed"></a>Problem reports fixed</h2>
+24877: Cannot get file extension from swt FileDialog  
+<br>37874: "Jumping" layout  
+<br>34634: "Select a type" hierarchy view message cut off  
+<br>37941: Coolbar setMinimumSize introduces chevrons on Linux  
+<br>38015: Eclipse crashes when using inline outline (Ctrl+O)  
+<br>37623: fillRoundRectangle doesn't completely fill  
+<br>28535: rectangles with pensize > 1 draw at wrong position  
+<br>38055: Shell Title bar displayed when only SWT.REZISE.  
+<br>37858: Some SWT Labels draw text in white  
+<br>24700: Text: Compute Size error  
+<br>37950: Unable to launch Eclipse on Sun Solaris 2.8  
+<br>33164: [JUNIT] Scale setMinimum and setMaximum fail  
+<br>33166: [JUNIT]Combo setLocation fails  
+<br>33158: [JUNIT]ProgressBar setMinimum and setMaximum fail  
+<br>33080: [JUNIT]Shell.isMinimized() returns false after shell.setMinized(true)  
+<br>33079: [JUNIT]Shell.isVisible returns false after shell.setVisible(true) called  
+<br>33088: [JUNIT]TabFolder.setLocation or TabFolder.getLocation not working  
+<br>25278: context menu click does not change selection  
+Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
 SWT Build 3.0 005 - Tuesday May 20, 2003