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 Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
+<h2> SWT Build 3.4 21 - Tuesday December 04, 2007</h2>
+111259    	[DND] Insertion mark in TreeViewer does not go away on GTK
+<br>143382 	Tree fails to register double-click while tool tip visible
+<br>144907 	[OLE] OLE int->short change to test and apply post-3.2
+<br>191655 	Table#getItem(Point) inconsitent on OSX when used without FULLSELECTION
+<br>197839 	removing paint and erase listeners from Tree don't re-enable native rollover tooltips
+<br>200322 	[Leopard] setRegion of shell doesn't work with the new region on Mac OS X 10.5
+<br>206346 	GTK-BIDI: RTL support in ExpandBar
+<br>208427 	GTK-BIDI: RTL support in MenuItems
+<br>210847 	SWT.ON_TOP on Shell doesn't appear to work
+<br>210861 	Text alignment for text box doesn't work
+<br>210869 	Enabled on toolbar has no effect
+<br>210873 	Icons for tooltip balloons don't work
+<br>210894 	Examples that use StyledText crash on startup
+<br>210942 	Some convenience methods for StyledText
+<br>211194 	Rollover tooltips in owner-drawn Tree only shown after delay
+<br>211195 	Shell decorations flicker when clicking into rollover tooltips in owner-drawn Tree
+<br>211196 	Rollover tooltips displaced in owner-drawn Tree without icons
+<br>211197 	Doubleclick does not work on owner-drawn TreeItem with rollover tooltip
+<br>211220 	Add Browser to ControlExample
+<br>211361 	GraphicsExample crashes
 <h2> SWT Build 3.4 20 - Tuesday November 27, 2007</h2>
 82206    	Solaris SWT GTK 3.1M4 has dependancy on libgcc_s.so