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 Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
+<h2> SWT Build 3.4 37 - Tuesday April 22, 2008</h2>
+73390   Tooltips not shown for some widgets
+<br>127848 	CustomControlExample CLabel background image differences
+<br>160707 	code hints window remains visible when minimizing eclipse
+<br>174014 	GC.isClipped() always returns false in advanced graphics mode
+<br>191968 	Stack overflow due to infinite recursion when calling Control.update from inside a PaintListener
+<br>192365 	Label is truncated under Linux.
+<br>195564 	Unsetting image in but not working
+<br>197794 	Transformed drawing broken in SWT 3.3 (but specific values only)
+<br>210028 	[mac] screenshot tool does not capture multiple displays properly
+<br>219133 	printer.getDPI() returns 72x72
+<br>220471 	[Accessibility] Editable Combo is not accessible on Leopard
+<br>223015 	Combo height on Linux is too small
+<br>223480 	Combo within Toolbar no longer renders correctly
+<br>223512 	[CCombo] dropdown does not move when window is dragged
+<br>224122 	Opening a modal dialog while an ON_TOP shell is active should activate the dialog
+<br>224870 	Bidi3.4: Eclipse Crashes when trying to open HTML file that resides in Arabic named project
+<br>225351 	Owner draw: measure doesn't allow to change width
+<br>225975 	SWT Table: PaintItem events not sent for items with empty text on Mac OS X
+<br>226229 	Carbon Text widgets cannot be properly center-aligned when style is SWT.SEARCH
+<br>226363 	BIDI3.4:HCG TreeColumn has wrong BIDI alignment with style SWT.NONE
+<br>227384 	Owner draw tree showing too much gap between selected items
+<br>227411 	Controls in shell blocked by a modal shell still scroll via the scroll wheel
+<br>27597 	BIDI: owner draw: tool tips don't work with BIDI
 <h2> SWT Build 3.4 39 - Tuesday April 15, 2008</h2>
 4800    	Timings vs. Sun JDK on image loading/creation/drawing (1GIVMG8)