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### Ant UI plugin message catalog
### wizard
wizard.title = Run Ant
wizard.executeAntScriptTitle = Execute Ant Script
wizard.executeAntScriptDescription = Select the targets to execute.
wizard.availableTargetsLabel = Available Targets:
wizard.argumentsLabel = Arguments:
wizard.displayLogLabel = &Display execution log to Ant console
### label provider
labelprovider.defaultTarget = Default target
antTreeLabelProvider.invalidTaskName = Invalid task name
### preferences page
preferences.savePriorToBuilding = Save all &modified resources automatically prior to manual execution of an Ant script
preferences.preferedOutputLevel = Preferred output level = &Information (normal)
preferences.verbose = &Verbose
preferences.debug = De&bug
preferences.description = Console text color settings.
preferences.errorColor = &Error:
preferences.warningColor = &Warning:
preferences.infoColor = &Information:
preferences.verboseColor = &Verbose:
preferences.debugColor = &Debug:
preferences.font = Console font setting:
### console labels
### monitor
monitor.runningAnt = Running Ant.
monitor.buildStarted = Build started...
monitor.targetColumn = Target:
monitor.started = started.
### console
console.copy = &Copy@Ctrl+C
console.selectAll = Select &All@Ctrl+A
console.clearOutput = Clear &Output
console.expandAll = &Expand All
console.hideOutputStructureTree = Hide Output Structure Tree
console.showOutputStructureTree = Show Output Structure Tree
console.hideTree = &Hide Tree
console.showTree = &Show Tree
console.showSelectedElementOnly = S&how Output of Selected Element Only
console.showCompleteOutput = Show &Complete Output
console.antScript = Ant Script
console.project = Project
### launcher
launcher.noFile = No file recently executed.
### Ant builder property page
builderProperties.description= Tool scripts and external commands can be configured to run as part of the \n\
incremental build process. Use this page to add, remove, and configure tool \n\
scripts to run when this project is built.
### status
status.targetPropertyNotRead = Could not read ant targets property from resource: {0}.
status.targetPropertyNotWritten = Could not write ant targets property to resource: {0}.
status.logPropertyNotRead = Could not read log property from resource: {0}.
status.logPropertyNotWritten = Could not write log property to resource: {0}.
status.consoleNotInitialized = Could not initialize Ant console view
status.argumentPropertyNotRead = Could not read argument property from resource: {0}.
status.argumentPropertyNotWritten = Could not write argument property to resource: {0}.
### error
error.antScriptError = Ant script error.
error.antParsingError = A problem occurred parsing the Ant file.
error.antExecutionErrorTitle = Ant Execution Problems.
error.antExecutionError = A problem occurred executing the Ant file.
error.antExecutionErrorGeneral = See the output console for details.
### exception
exception.canceled = Canceled.
exception.buildException = BuildException: {0}
exception.missingResourceBundle = Missing Resource Bundle
exception.missingResourceBundle.message = The resource properties for the Ant UI plugin could not be found.