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<H1 align=left><IMG height=55 src="images/redDot.jpg" width=56
align=center border=0> <FONT color=#c0c0c0>Follow the Red Dot&nbsp;</FONT></H1>
<P>Welcome to the <B><FONT color=#800000>Red Dot</FONT> </B>update site. Use
your Eclipse <B>Update Sites</B> view to locate the feature version you want to
install or update to.</P>
<H2>About Red Dot Feature</H2>
<P>Our revolutionary Red Dot Eclipse feature changed all preconceptions about
what Eclipse features can and cannot do. Using our strikingly simple concept of
adding buttons to the Eclipse tool bar, we allow you to open dialogs that show
you the version of the Red Dot feature. The beauty of the concept stems from its
simplicity, ease of use, high performance and small footprint. Never before was
it so easy to press a button on the tool bar to get some text shown in the
<LI><B>November 2001</B> - version 2.0.0 of the Red Dot feature is available
for download. This version brings improvements across the board, further
strengthening an already established Eclipse feature classic. Improvements
will be visible the moment you update your feature - our famous red dot tool
bar button is now <B>25% more red</B>, making it even easier to spot among
other buttons.
<LI><B>October 2001</B> - version 1.0.0 of the Red Dot feature is available
for download. Select it in the 'Sites' view of the Update Manager and press
'Install' button. </LI></UL>
<I>Copyright 2001 Red Dot Corporation Ltd. All rights reserved.</I>