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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<feature id="org.eclipse.update.core.tests.feature1" image="feature1.gif" label="Feature One" nl="en,fr,de" os="OS_WIN32,OS_LINUX" provider-name="Object Technology International" version="1.0.4" ws="WS_WIN32,WS_MOTIF,WS_GTK">
<description>I believe this is the description of feature 1, well, feature 1 is an exceptional feature that you should install right NOW on your machine... try it.</description>
<copyright>Ok, now, this is a very very complex Copyright not prepared by a lawyer Copyright (c) the company</copyright>
<license>#1 Do you accept it #2 you do nto accept it ...Do you accpt it ?</license>
<update label="URL to update the feature" url=""/>
<discovery label="Discovery 1" url=""/>
<discovery label="Discovery 2" url=""/>
<plugin download-size="1500" id="org.eclipse.update.core.tests.feature1.plugin1" install-size="1000" fragment="false" nl="us" os="OS_WIN32" version="3.5.6" ws="WS_WIN32"/>
<plugin download-size="1200" id="org.eclipse.update.core.tests.feature1.plugin2" install-size="978" fragment="false" version="5.0.0"/>