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Procedure to generate new splash screen for .x releases
Need Gimp 2.8 and above
install all the fonts available in the fonts folder
1. Open EclipseOxygen.xcf
2. Open layers-gradients view from windows menu if not opened
3. select Oxygen text layer from the layers view. double click on the icon. This will show a text box on Oxygen text in the circle
4. Change it to oxygen.1/.2 as required
5. select June 2017 text box. change it to release month and year similar to oxygen
6. enable Guidelines layer from layers view. This will draw alignment guide lines on the image
7. Make sure oxygen text layer aligns properly the guide line should pass through the line exactly in the middle.
8. the month and year box should should fall between bottom two horizontal lines and right justified with the vertical line
9. Save the file.
10. Resize the canvas to 650x434 by selecting "Image->Canvas Size". place the image in center. make sure you resize all the layers.
11. Absorb all the layers by selecting "Layer->merge down" till you have only one layer
12. Resize image by selecting "Image->Scale Image". and set the size to 452x302
13. Export the image to bmp with 24 but color and without color space information using compatibility options