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<title>Package-level Javadoc</title>
Provides support for extending the base installation
and update services.
Package Specification</h2>
This package specifies the API required for writing pluggable support of
alternate feature packaging schemes and update site access mechanisms.
For the most part, the classes and interfaces in this package implement
a code pattern <tt>class Foo extends FooModel implements IFoo</tt>. The
interface (<tt>IFoo</tt> in the pattern) defines the actual API. The convenience
classes (<tt>Foo</tt> in the pattern) provide a reference implementation
of the API based on a model (<tt>IFooModel</tt> in the pattern) contained
in package <b>org.eclipse.update.core.model</b>. In general, developers
should extend the convenience classes rather than completely reimplementing
the specified interfaces.
<b>Note:</b> This package has been deprecated and will be deleted in a future
release. See bug 311590 for details.