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<title>Eclipse Platform Release Notes Ant</title>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
Eclipse SDK Build Oct 15, 2002
Resolved Bugs</h3>
<a href="">6020</a>: Tasks calling System.exit crash Eclipse<br>
<a href="">23651</a>: [doc] AntTasks and AntTypes refer to non-existant API<br>
<a href="">23653</a>: [doc] Extra Ant classpath entries extension<br>
<a href="">24459</a>: AntCorePlugin startup<br>
<a href="">19899</a>: If the user never changes the Ant classpath, it should always be computed<br>
<a href="">23917</a>: logfile not created in the correct location when path not fully specified<br>
<a href="">24587</a>: Project properties not set properly if no arguments passed<br>
<a href="">24696</a>: ExternalTools antrunner.jar is still in the HEAD stream<br>
<a href="">24418</a>: Option without necessary corresponding argument not handled correctly<br>
<a href="">24594</a>: Targets specified as arguments not recognized<br>
<a href="">23995</a>: deadlock while running build.xml<br>
<a href="">24733</a>: Help text is wrong<br>
<a href="">24710</a>: Custom ant task classes not found<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
Eclipse SDK Build Oct 09, 2002
Resolved Bugs</h3>
<a href="">24527</a>: occurs when invoking AntRunner<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
Eclipse SDK Build Oct 08, 2002
Resolved Bugs</h3>
<a href="">20557</a>: Running an empty ant script takes about 2 seconds<br>
<a href="">22459</a>: AntRunner prints stack trace on OperationCanceledException<br>
<a href="">23383</a>: API: Add @since tags<br>
<a href="">24290</a>: Ant preferences are only saved at shutdown<br>
<a href="">23584</a>: Java should be capitalized<br>
<a href="">17484</a>: [ExternalTools] Adding tasks from JARs in the Ant Preference Page<br>
<a href="">23664</a>: Better reporting of errors when reading Ant build file<br>
<a href="">24415</a>: Running an Ant script with console logging turned off writes to OS console<br>
<a href="">24452</a>: Key clashes within extension point definitions<br>
Problem Reports Closed</h3>
<a href="">23350</a>: Possible NPE<br>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
Eclipse SDK Build Oct 01, 2002
Resolved Bugs</h3>
<a href="">23482</a>: Rework the Core Ant code to be able to use the NLS tools<br>
<a href="">14180</a>: Ant -help not function<br>
<a href="">19801</a>: AntCorePreferences, Type, Tasks could be a public class<br>
<a href="">23881</a>: Same error logged three times<br>
<a href="">23913</a>: Issues with InternalAntRunner#printHelp(Project)<br>
<a href="">22714</a>: Arguments line lose spaces when printed to console<br>
<a href="">23132</a>: -logfile option for ant doesnt seem to work<br>
<a href="">16740</a>: [ExternalTools] Irrelevant stack trace for errors in Ant build file<br>
<a href="">19838</a>: Error codes for Ant Core should be public<br>
<a href="">21478</a>: Insufficient Ant activation error reporting<br>
<a href="">23658</a>: Build file is not logged to log console view<br>
<a href="">22465</a>: Wrong ant script causes fatal error written to console<br>
<a href="">23924</a>: handling of incorrect / unrecognized arguments<br>
<a href="">23720</a>: [doc] Extension point listing is incorrect<br>
<a href="">22702</a>: XmlLogger not working?<br>
Problem Reports Closed</h3>
<a href="">21479</a>: Ant classpath refers to old 'xerces.jar'<br>
<a href="">23832</a>: Update Ant pages on<br>