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joverbey@krakenpf11(XT5):~> pgCC errors.c does_not_exist.c
"errors.c", line 4: warning: declaration does not declare anything
struct { int a; };
"errors.c", line 5: error: a value of type "double" cannot be used to
initialize an entity of type "char *"
char *ptr = 1.2345;
"errors.c", line 6: error: identifier "undefined_variable" is undefined
undefined_variable = 6;
"errors.c", line 7: error: identifier "function_not_declared" is undefined
"errors.c", line 8: error: too many arguments in function call
one_arg(1, 2, 3);
4 errors detected in the compilation of "errors.c".
Catastrophic error: cannot open source file "does_not_exist.c"
1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of "does_not_exist.c".
Compilation terminated.