Robot ML migration from Neon to Oxygen

* migrate viewpoints : from *.configuration model to *.architecture
* add semantic element types with suitable id
* migrate palettes from xml files to paletteconfiguration files
* register di element types
* add advices for robotML Port
* add specialized type to drop elements on archi diagram
* add specialized type to drop elements on compo diagram
* add diagrams datatype and interface
* add palette configuration for Class and SM diagrams
* add special wizard for RobotML project creation
* add diagram reconcilier to migrate Neon Model
* migrate templates
* refer to context instead of language in template project extension
* change code to compile in Oxygen
* do not migrate plugin *.modelexplorer : is not part of the feature, is
not installed when install RobotML in Neon : it introduces facet
* set target platform to oxygen
* change manifest to omit specific plugin version
* change target platform to oxygen
* do not specify any plugin versions
* change java version from 1.5 to 1.8 to not have compile errors
Change-Id: I5de4e56e075eef9a260ac3747641f6a8eab608ad
Signed-off-by: Asma Smaoui <>
176 files changed
tree: 5f9c8edf58681cdc8e2bf8bb50746cd905a7cbab
  1. generators/
  2. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml/
  3. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.deployment/
  4. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.diagram.common/
  5. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.diagram.ui/
  6. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.doc/
  8. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.modelexplorer/
  9. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.perspective/
  10. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.templaterepository/
  11. org.eclipse.papyrus.robotml.validation/
  12. releng/
  13. src/
  14. targetplatform/
  15. .gitignore
  16. .project
  17. pom.xml


This projects aims at providing a modeling environment for robotic applications with Papyrus.

How to build

Components in this project are built using Maven and its Tycho plugin for the build of Eclipse artifacts. To build locally, simply execute the command line:

mvn clean install

To also build the modules relative to RCP and Product, please activate the following profile:

mvn clean install -Pproduct

### Building for Eclipser server ###

If you want to pack and sign the project, you have to use the following profiles: